Friday, August 3, 2012

The Ouya

The Ouya is a new home video game console, that will let anyone develop games for the platform as well as modify the console, people will not only buy games but have the ability to make games. The Ouya will cost 99$. It will have Onlive so you can rent and buy games, it also will have its own exclusive titles such as Final fantasy III which was originally released in japan and only made it to the United States recently on the DS and droid. The Ouya runs on a Tegra 3 quad-core processor. we hope to see great things from this console considering it will be the first game console that will truly support indie game development.

The Ouya raised over 6,542,388 dollars in less then a month.

Meat the New Kid on the block

The new game console hitting the market next march. We will be posting news about this console. If you want to see it succeed please donate within the next five days at the fallowing site.

Best Free to play game out there!!!!!

Ok so I have found the best free to play game out now. It is called League of Legends.
L.O.L is a real time strategy game, where you pick your character and level them up, buy items, and get new spells. Graphically the game looks really nice, it goes for a more comic booky look.
The game itself has three maps, which may sound bad, but once you start playing you will only want to play dominion mode which is by far the best. Also coordinating plans with your team mates is fun and simple, though you can play without doing so. But wait here is the best part, it is absolutely free. I am not kidding, you don't have to buy anything with real money, all you have to do is play.

I can not say much more that has not been said, but I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a good time.

Killzone 3 Review for PlayStation 3

Killzone 3 was supposed to be one of the best games of 2011, now after playing it I can promise you it is not, but before I go into rage mode and rant let me tell you what is good about this game.

Ok the first half of the game is wonderful, some of the best gameplay, and story I had seen in a fps, granted the lip syncing was a little of but hey you can't have it all. In the first half of the game we are introduced to a board of directors you could say. these men are the bad guys, after their leader was killed in the second game there is a struggle for power between a man called Johan Stahl, and some other dude who has a British accent then a Russian one ( he was never to interesting so screw learning his name). Stahl is a amazing villain, or well he could have been, you see there is a six month gap in the middle of this game and i think it would have been cool, if in the middle of the game you played as Stahl for a bit maybe learned about the issue with his father that is mentioned constantly but nope they are going to ignore something they stressed through out the whole game.

Then we reach the second half of the game. this part SUCKED TO HIGH HEAVEN!
It all starts when they take you back to the beginning of the game which is really the middle of the game, and change things that happened at the beginning of the game. This is a short game so you will remember what the beginning of the game was like, this middle part should have been the ending, but no they want you to play for as long as possible. Then they do nothing with Stahl for most of the second half of the game. Thus the game continues, in what feels like the same level just with new skins. Even the fights suck in the second half of the game, cause you always feel like your in a tunnel shooting down at some of the stupidest AI. I am not kidding while you hide behind cover they will just stand in the open and shoot, even when they need to reload.

Then through out the second half of the game you just want the game to end, and every 20 minutes your team mate will say "ok this is it we are at the end of the line". Then there is the ending, this is by far one of the worst video game endings I have ever seen, it goes against your morals which are the reason you were fighting and then you suddenly decide you don't care.......

Over all think killzone 3 was ok,the physics were great and so was the story in the beginning, I really wish they had done better with the story towards the end. Maybe worked on the lip syncing a little more, and improved on their characters motives.
But I would think twice before buying. It feels like a rushed game overall.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dynamite Cop for the Sega Dreamcast

Dynamite Cop was originally a 90's arcade game but made it's way to the Dreamcast in 1998.
Now how shall i describe this game well lets see it's Tacky, Simple, and Incredibly fun. well it is deffinetly a 90's arcade game. The game only has one story Mission so it is small, but you can choose from three characters, and three different ways to play the mission so really this game can take anywhere  from 15 minutes to three hours, but like many arcade games, it has a insane amount of replay value. Over all I think Dynamite Cop for the Sega Dreamcast is a wonderful game, and any Dreamcast owner should have it in their collection.

Dream cast

The dream cast was the most amazing console ever created,
it came out in 1998, and was the first home console to have internet capabilities.
The Dream cast had better graphics then the Playstation 2.The majority of games on the Dreamcast were remakes of famous arcade games, and Sega games. Though great this console never made it, and was cancelled in 2001. Though not sold in stores this last Sega console is still very popular, as a matter of fact people still make games for it. I will be reviewing games for this console, as well as the Nintendo 64 and other consoles.

Golden eye 007

Golden eye 007 is a game published in 1996,
it is a good game but it is not perfect. I felt that the game lacked story which can be okay but i prefer to have a good story to pull me through the game. My main gripe with this game is not actually the games fault, it is the controller's fault. I feel that this game could have benefited from a Playstation style controller, in fact this game should have never been on the N64 it should have been a Playstation game. My reasoning fort that is that the N64 was a kids system, while the Playstation was a more mature console experience, the N64 also did not help the game market to the audience it was made for, while if it had been on Playstation it would have been far more successful. I feel that the game needs work but that it is also great, the graphics were bellow average for the Nintendo 64, the sound also needs work, but the music was fantastic. I really can't say the game play is great, because of the bad controller, but i am happy with the new version released for Wii. If you feel like buying this game i suggest you buy the Wii version, but if you love old school games like this on the Nintendo 64 get it.