Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Golden eye 007

Golden eye 007 is a game published in 1996,
it is a good game but it is not perfect. I felt that the game lacked story which can be okay but i prefer to have a good story to pull me through the game. My main gripe with this game is not actually the games fault, it is the controller's fault. I feel that this game could have benefited from a Playstation style controller, in fact this game should have never been on the N64 it should have been a Playstation game. My reasoning fort that is that the N64 was a kids system, while the Playstation was a more mature console experience, the N64 also did not help the game market to the audience it was made for, while if it had been on Playstation it would have been far more successful. I feel that the game needs work but that it is also great, the graphics were bellow average for the Nintendo 64, the sound also needs work, but the music was fantastic. I really can't say the game play is great, because of the bad controller, but i am happy with the new version released for Wii. If you feel like buying this game i suggest you buy the Wii version, but if you love old school games like this on the Nintendo 64 get it.

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